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Civil Law (known as Common Law) is a legal process, for non-criminal matters, designed to help produce a resolution between two or more parties. Usually, one of the parties seeks compensation (usually in the form of money) for injuries, damages incurred, or services or products not delivered. There are many instances when a deal or a transaction made with another individual or business falls apart, or a conflict with another person who refuses to honor his or her end of a contract. Civil litigation cases focus on family law disputes, child custody, child support, contract violations, personal injury, property damage and divorce. It also deals with disputes involving landlord and tenants, as well as situations that involve a breach of contract.

At Fah Law Group P.C., we help you resolve your disputes with another party involving these contracts. We will sit down with you to discuss your situation and determine what actions would be in your best interest. We will also review your documentation and investigate whether this type of dispute is a regular occurrence with your opponent or if this is an individual event. We will look at all the available solutions and work in your best interests. We work efficiently and in a cost-effective manner to resolve your case in a positive manner. To see if your case qualifies please call us or complete the online case evaluation form.

Contract Law deals with contracts or agreements between two or more parties (individuals or groups of people.) For instance, two parties enter into an agreement for the lease of an apartment. The person who rents the apartment (also known as the Lessee) has a right to use the apartment, and the landlord (also known as the Lessor) receives rent money as compensation. If the lessee does not pay the lessor rent then they have committed a “breach of contract.” While some contracts can be oral, it is always best to try and have a contract in writing.

Family Law deals with adoptions, annulments, birth, child custody & support, divorce, marriage, and other issues affecting the family. Issues are presented in Family Court; and in cases of a divorce they help decide how property and finances are split. They also help in establishing child custody, child support, and spousal support among other things. Recently, artificial conception, same-sex marriage, surrogate motherhood, in-vitro fertilization, and palimony were added to the types of cases under Family Law.

Property Law covers personal property (personal belongings that can be divided into two categories: (1) items such as animals, jewelry, and merchandise; and (2) stocks, bonds, patents, and copyrights) and real property (any buildings, structures, and/or equipment permanently attached or fixed to the land; as well anything growing on or that lies beneath the land including oils and minerals).

Tort Law is concerned with personal injury and civil wrongdoing. Tort is a civil wrong that is done by one person or entity to another person or entity which results in injury or property damage. It frequently involves monetary compensation to the injured party.