Employment Law

Our attorneys provide legal representation to individuals who have experienced violations to their employment rights. We do not represent employers.  For an employee, litigation with an employer can be life-changing, and we are there to not just aggressively pursue a valid claim, but also to make sure that the process itself is as humane as possible. If you are looking for representation that provides honest and realistic goals, please call us. Our firm provides trustworthy case assessments. We value clear communication and work hard to ensure that our clients understand the different elements of their case and how our law firm can assist them in achieving their desired goals. Our firm tackles employment law cases dealing with discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violation, and Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) violation.

Under state and federal laws employers should not harass or discriminate against an employee based upon their race, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, or disability, or because the employee is over the age of 40. It is also illegal to punish employees for complaining about such treatment. Our firm represents those who have been wrongfully terminated, retaliated against, or faced an unlawful action in the workplace based upon any form race or color, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, age, and/or sexual discrimination.

Wrongful Termination:
If you have been fired or laid off and you think the decision was unlawful. You have the right to dispute your firing, whether you work for the government or in private industry. In most situations in which an employee is being terminated, the employer has the benefit of legal advice and Human Resources Department procedures that have been designed to provide legal protection to the employer. You also have a right to counsel. Some outcomes may be getting a job back; sometimes, a suitable severance agreement can be negotiated. There may be money compensation, penalties, or back pay. No lawyer can promise any outcome; however, we always promise to give you one-to-one attention. Losing a job is stressful and emotional, but you can count on our support as we fight for your recovery.

Sexual Harassment:
Sexual harassment is unwanted, unwelcome sexual misconduct that is severe or pervasive, rendering working conditions intolerable. Sexual harassment most often entails an ongoing course of conduct that creates a hostile work environment in which one should not be expected to work. In most cases, the treatment has been going on over some period, until the atmosphere in the workplace rises to a level that it is considered illegal to require someone to continue to work under such adverse conditions.

Wage and Hours:
The employment laws regarding wage and hour regulations can be complex, but it is important for employees to be aware of their rights according state and federal employment regulation laws, like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Our aim is to provide our clients with effective and swift legal counsel.
Wage and Hours disputes can present themselves in different forms and can be caused by various factors. Some common issues include access to proper documentation of worked hours, the distinction between hourly and salary, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime hours, and the misclassification of independent contractor vs employee. Our firm is uniquely equipped to assist employees. If your employer is violating the law and abusing your rights, then we will do everything in our power to protect you.

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